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SOCIALISM-CAPITALISM Study press release 10/8/2019

Are We Capitalists or Socialists or Just a Mess?

Results of a recent survey show that we are a fractionated population. A third of us are clueless, a fifth are socialists, and the rest of us are capitalists. Reading F. A. Hayek’s books, The Constitution of Liberty and The Road to Serfdom led this researcher to design a survey. It’s national in scope and uses a quota sample of 203. There is a full report on a website ( 

Socialism was summarized as More Government, with specific statements like “With a few exceptions, those with greater ability or who work harder are no better off than others.” Capitalism’s description as Less Government included ones like “Those with greater ability or who work harder are better off.” 

The startling find is that a third of those interviewed have ‘no preference.’ They don’t know why they don’t know, or even scarier, they don’t care which system is in place. 

To discover the mind-set of all interviewed and to learn more, visit

Stephen J. Hellebusch, Ph.D. is President of HellRC (Hellebusch Research & Consulting), a company that specializes in the design and analysis of marketing research for the pharmaceutical industry. Steve currently does research in behavioral economics and consults with several pharmaceutical start-ups. He has founded Marketing Research Departments and helped many new products succeed (e.g., Mucinex, Lokelma). He received his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Notre Dame, concentrating in research design, statistics, perception, and memory.